To be successful in mortgage you must


Generate leads


Convert as many leads into application as possible


Convert as many applications into loans

Speed, execution excellence, giving personalized attention, simplifying process – and handholding your potential customers is the way to increase your successful conversions.

Actionable Science can help.

Our AI Chatbot Megan for mortgage can help engage, inform, handhold and support your customers in multiple ways

  • Generate Leads –Megan can engage visitor to your website or your Facebook page or advertisement by answering questions, anticipating customer’s need based on conversation, performing all the calculations, updating confirmed leads in CRM etc.
  • Leads to applications –After engaging the customer in initial conversation, Megan can take a judgement call on when to engage a human agent in the call to help time-sensitive leads convert faster. She can offer multiple options for the potential customer to remain engaged with your company even after leaving the web page – help initial an application. She can also deliver pre-qualifying letters to serious leads
  • Application to loans –It is not uncommon for applicants to get frustrated with the processing/underwriting process – and to apply with multiple mortgage companies to play it safe. Megan can help keep the applicant informed, relay their information to the processors and allow uploading of documents etc. This will expedite the process, keep the applicant “cool” and allow you to increase your conversions.
Mortgage servicing:

Many of the typical mortgage servicing request follow the 20-80 rule. Payment issues, address change, verification of mortgage, questions about escrow or payoff amount, Tax related information etc. are your typical issues and constitute a large chuck of daily interactions (and costs!). Let Megan help your customers with these questions. You forgot your password? No problem, she can help you there with two factor authentications as well. Our solution integrates with most leading technology platforms and provides unparalleled ROI to you

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