Consulting & IT Services:

Consulting and IT Services’s industry’s most important resource is – people. Despite being a cliché – this is indeed true. Having a frictionless and empowered support is key to higher productivity, utilization and better top/bottom-line. However – silo-ed data, fragmented help-desks, dispersed information does not allow desired efficiency level.

Actionable Science understand this challenge. Our support begins with Employee onboarding, Our employee onboarding product brings the power of AI to give an outstanding experience and window into the new organization that the candidate is trying to join. Our product orchestrates this entire process seamlessly and handholds the new employee to ensure smooth joining – and helps with Day 1 productivity issues.



  • We can help create appropriate tickets to help provision user account, laptop, access cards etc. Once the employee is in the organization – the support continues, for HR, IT Helpdesk or other issues


  • All support may be provided by our state of the art mobile app. We can help assist in simple queries, simple tasks or complex orchestration. The power of the product can be unleashed in a progressive manner over a period of time.


  • Finally, we can assist in a great employee offboarding experience – ensuring that you have a great word-of-mouth about your employee satisfaction throughout the industry.