We’re All Happier When We Do What We Do Best.

Humans should be human, and machines should be machines. But, during our years of working inside large companies and consulting firms, we saw many IT-driven improvement programs measure human performance with stopwatches and standard deviations -- in other words, metrics that are better suited for machines. Yet, the real outcomes millions of dollars later had not changed by much.

So, we founded Actionable Science to help make sure human employees can focus on value-added work like creative problem solving, relationship building and innovative thinking. We apply artificial intelligence, natural language processing and robotics technologies at an enterprise level to automate standard repeatable tasks, enable more impactful use of data, and create tools that support employee and user productivity and decision making.

That means support teams in IT, HR and customer service have more time for the fun stuff. And, users are delighted because they easily get the information they want, receive the service they need, benefit from proactive insights, and interact with more empowered humans on their support teams.

This puts us all on the path to the Happiness Economy!